Tsukika Yoshikawa – 吉川月香

Tsukika Yoshikawa

In Japan, they call girls like Tsukika, “Little Sister” – She is the sweet and petite type of girl.  Submissive, smiling and always pleasant, she loves to please.

Tsukika Yoshikawa – T149B84W59H88

Tsukika is a Girls Delta Girl She does not do hardcore, she prefers art photography and teasing the horny men who will fantasize eating her pussy and spreading her sweet ass cheeks as they slowly penetrate her.  The work on Girls Delta is clear, precise and perverted…a perfect site for a Sukebe guy like me.  I like Japanese teens with perfect nipples, shaved pussies that are very, very tight…


And a look about them that says, “I am here by the accident.  I am not professional model…however…

 …If you want to look at my sweet and clean shaved pussy, I will show it to you, you dirty perverted man…Ah, you want to lick?  Perhaps.”

“Do you want to see my bottom?  Do you fantasize about turning me over and sticking your thing inside me from the back?”

 Perhaps I will let you put your thing inside…Are you hard now?  Can you make me cum?  You can see my rosebud, I will let you lick it, taste it and enjoy my sweet water as you make me cum.  Just be gentle and do not allow my family to know, I am your dirty Japanese love whore.”

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