Japanese Teen Darling Mana Kikuchi Is So Hot Lover

Japan Teen Innocence 4-6

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Japanese teen Innocence has been a very popular DVD this year and Mana Kikuchi and 14 other adorable Japanese teens are the reason.  I am actually pretty in lust with Mana who is an extremely hot Japanese teen and a girl you would never suspect of giving head in the hallway of an apartment building or of spending the day sucking and fucking a horny Japanese producer all over his apartment.  But that’s what she does.  Now multiple Mana times X’s 15 and you get the picture of this 11 hour must-have collection.



Starring: Kyoko Tajiri, Mana Kikuchi, Chihiro Tanabe, HIraku Nakatani, Syoko Narita
Length: 720 min
Release Date: 3/26/2012
Series: Japan Teen Innocence
Studio: Maiko Pictures


Episodes 4-6 of the popular series Japan Teen Innocence features 15 beautiful Japanese teens in over 11 hours of sensual sexual experiences.


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