Condensed Milk 40 Beautiful Japanese Teens

Condensed Milk 40 Beautiful Japanese Teens こんでんすみるきぃ pcm-040

Review for PCM-040: A man fondles the model as she received cumshots on her school uniform. Then she sticks a clear dildo in her wet pussy as a group of men take turn cumming on pubic area. Next the model gave a blowjob till her partner came on her face. In a hospital, the model has a couple of guys cum on her ass. Then in a classroom, she sits on a doctor’s face as a couple of men cum on face. On the next scene, the model sat on the floor playing with herself as a group of guys gave her a bukkake cum facial. On the final scene, the model sucked cock, gets fucked then received warm cum on her uniform.


Categories for PCM-040: Teens 18+, Blowjobs, Bukkake, Cosplay, Cum On Hair, Multiple orgasm licking, toy play, Naked yoga, Creampie threesome

After viewing pcm-040 I definitely have a schoolgirl fetish.  Whenever I am in Japan I can gaze for hours at the girls with their short skirts and firm thighs.  I day dream about which ones are involved in compensated dating and which ones might actually work or be on their way to working in the Japanese porn business.  Perhaps, as the economy worsens there are more and more girls making their way into Kabukicho district for extra cash or goodies.


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