Private Sex Date with 2 Cute Japanese Girls Leads to Sex in the Outdoors

Red Hot Jam 260: Riko Tanabe, Kaoru Sakaki

RHJ-260 - Outdoors Amateur Sex -

Starring: Riko Tanabe, Kaoru Sakaki
Length: 260 min
Release Date: 10/26/2012
Series: Red Hot Jam
Studio: Red Hot Collection

Our intrepid camera crew follow two Japanese girls out on private dates.  Well, friendly holding hands and kissing quickly leads to a walk in the park and a walk behind the bushes for some very nice old-fashioned outdoors sex.

In our second scenario, a lovely young Japanese girl is caught at home, n the shower and the bath until she squirts all over her place and her new lover.  I love this DVD.  Have been wanking non-stop since I got it.


RHJ-260 - Outdoors Amateur Sex -

Private Sex Date with 2 Cute Japanese Girls!
1) Riko Tanabe: shower, blowjob, squirting, bareback, creampie
2) Kaoru Sakaki: outdoor blowjob, 69, bareback, creampie

RHJ-260 - Outdoors Amateur Sex -

JAV Idol Kaoru loves fuckin in the great outdoors