Mio Kuraki

Hentai Nurse Starring Mio Kuraki [BT-106]

Ex SOD Employee now top JAV Idol Mio Kuraki plays 2 roles in this DVD. One is a pervert nurse who fucks everybody in a clinic and the other is a female tutor who ends up teaching sex ( even to her student father).

Hentai Nurse
1) masturbation
2) clinic blowjob
3) creampie sex with a patient

Female tutor
1) seduced by a student’s father
2) sex lesson to a student
3) threesome with a student and his father


Starring: Mio Kuraki
DVD Title: Hentai Nurse
Length: 125 min
Release Date: 10/10/2012
Series: Buri no Teriyaki 
Studio: Studio Teriyaki