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JAV Beauty Asuka Soma learns the art of nikubenki (slut training)

BT-77 - Asuka Soma - slut training -

Japanese beauties are sometimes nikubenki like Asuka Soma


Nikubenki in training (slut in training): Asuka Soma learns how to really appreciate having her pussy licked by a pro manko eater. After licking Asuka to several orgasms her man uses a cool Japanese sex toy on her pussy and her asshole making her gush all kinds of cum. The couple play with object insertion and see just how many weird things they can put in this little slut’s tight holes. As a reward for her training Asuka Soma gives some nice deep throat blowjob action to a thick well-hung, Japanese guy.  Her friend invites another guy over and we get to see how deep two big Japanese cocks can go into Asuka’s little pussy and smaller mouth. Asuka is a real nikubenki slut and manages to take both cocks all the way up to the balls.

Nikubenki slut Asuka Soma - BT-77 -

Nikubenki slut Asuka Soma sucks a thick Japanese dick

After so much play each guy takes his turn hard fucking Asuka Soma until she cannot stop screaming or cumming. Dicks pile-driving into her small tight pussy almost rip her apart but in return they leave a gallon or so of ball cum to fill up her aching pussy. She’s worn out and dripping cum but this round of slut training comes to a successful close for Japanese beauty, Asuka Soma..

Asuka Soma - BT-77 - Japanese slut -

Japanese slut in chains learns perverted life of nikubenki girl.

Anal massager, makes her wet, hopefully does not make her poo

Asuka Soma - anal nikubenki girl - BT-77 -

Japanese anal slut Asuka Soma – BT-77 – anal nikubenki gal

Great View of Hana Yoshida BT-136 吉田花

Imagine you work at an office and all the workers at the office go for drink party.  And one of the office ladies gets horny and starts to seduce you and she is hot Hana Yoshida!  Yea, you will do the exact the same thing as this guy does in DVD.  Watch super slut OL Hana get banged hard by her co-worker!

Great View of Hana Yoshida
1) Dildo masturbation
2) sexy Lingerie & Fishnet stocking sex

Bring an OL to home after company party
1) Seduced during a party
2) Drenching wet pussy bareback

Starring: Hana Yoshida, 吉田花
Title: Great View of Hana Yoshida, BT-136
Length: 130 min
Release Date: 5/17/2014
Series: Buri no Teriyaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD

Noa Koizumi is addicted to outdoors sex – Noa Koizumi — BT-132

Outdoor sex: Noa Koizumi — BT-132

 Noa Koizumi is addicted to outdoors sex - Noa Koizumi -- BT-132

Noa Koizumi is a horny Japanese girl seeking the ultimate orgasm. She plays with her BF outdoors and gives him handjob, footjob and rides his cock with her tight pussy until he creampies her wet Japanese manko.

Starring: Noa Koizumi
Length: 132 min
Release Date: 3/15/204
Series: Buri no Teriyaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD

Noa Koizumi is addicted to outdoors sex – Noa Koizumi — BT-132
1) Addicted to outdoor sex – outdoor, blowjob, bareback
2) Looking for the ultimate orgasm – handjob, foot job, ass licking, bareback, creampie

Noa Koizumi gets a creampie pussy after blowing dick outdoors

Noa Koizumi - Studio Teriyaki - BT-132 -

Masochistic beauty was born – Gokuchiku: Erika Akagi PT-138

Masochistic beauty was born  – Gokuchiku: Erika Akagi PT-138

An up and coming Idol talento is offered a job on a new tv show. Erika goes to the audition for what she thinks will be her big break only to discover she has been deceived into attending an av shoot and a bdsm laced, shibari ropes bonanza where she is the guest of honor.

Starring: Erika Akagi
Length: 125 min
Release Date: 10/23/2013
Series: Pork Teriyaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD

1) Masochistic beauty was born
2) Deep throat Iramachio & creampie gang bang
3) Deceived up-and-coming pop idol
4) Sexual harassment creampie

JAV Idol in shibari and gangbang jail pics