Great View of Hana Yoshida BT-136 吉田花

Imagine you work at an office and all the workers at the office go for drink party.  And one of the office ladies gets horny and starts to seduce you and she is hot Hana Yoshida!  Yea, you will do the exact the same thing as this guy does in DVD.  Watch super slut OL Hana get banged hard by her co-worker!

Great View of Hana Yoshida
1) Dildo masturbation
2) sexy Lingerie & Fishnet stocking sex

Bring an OL to home after company party
1) Seduced during a party
2) Drenching wet pussy bareback

Starring: Hana Yoshida, 吉田花
Title: Great View of Hana Yoshida, BT-136
Length: 130 min
Release Date: 5/17/2014
Series: Buri no Teriyaki
Studio: Studio Teriyaki
Media: DVD

Nami Honda Surprise Sex [PT-123]

Do av idols love fucking?  That’s the question many Japanese porn fans must have.  So they does a test on popular av idol Nami Honda.  Porn director invites her to fuck him before the shoot while still in her makeup room. Will she say yes? or No.  Answer is in DVD… well… all I say is she gets money by doing what she really enjoy!

1) Surprise sex with a director and AD
2) Bareback fuck

3) Sex with roommate’s boyfriend
4) Barebacked by best friend’s boyfriend

Starring: Nami Honda
DVD Title: The Porn Actress really loves to Fuck, PT-123
Length: 110 min
Release Date: 4/17/2013
Series: Pork Teriyaki 
Studio: Studio Teriyaki

Ren Miyamura loves to fuck BT-116

This DVD shows how much AV idol Ren Miyamura loves to fuck. Apparently A LOT.  In the first, she plays a girl living with a boyfriend in a tiny apartment. They are both poor and don’t have money to spend for fun so naturally, all they do in their spare time (which they have a lot) is fucking!  In the second part, Ren Miyamura becomes a teacher who teach two lucky guys for the real pleasure of sex.

1) Poor Couple Sex – they have no money. Only thing they can do for fun is Sex!

2) I Will Teach You Good Sex – blowjob, masturbation, bareback, creampie, threesome

Starring: Ren Miyamura 
Title: Poor Couple Sex, BT-116
Length: 125 min
Release Date: 4/17/2013
Series: Buri no Teriyaki 
Studio: Studio Teriyaki

Horny Japanese OL Aiko Endo [PT-122]

Aiko Endo is a horny Japanese OL.  She has a boyfriend in the same office and she cannot help fucking him when none is looking.  But one day,  their boss finds out their secret and demands that he is included in their office sex if both of them keep their job!

1) Submissive girl loving blowjob
2) Blindfold play

3) Office Sex with her boyfriend
4) Sex with a boss to keep her job

Starring: Aiko Endo
Title:  Model Collection, PT-122
Length: 120 min
Release Date: 3/27/2012
Series: Pork Teriyaki 
Studio: Studio Teriyaki